Welcome to my digital introduction space- this page is still under construction. Why herstory?–>In my female body and the trying on of gender and sexuality as a human in these modern times I’m here now. I am an expression of the deep feminine. From this perspective her story and journey, in individual and collective context, is the foundation for my work. –>When I use “we” I am referencing my inner community. We share from a developmental life span approach where young one, adolescent, adult and elder are speaking.


->Hara is an eastern word/prefix that is used to describe an inner energy field. Hara is a pulse, flowing near the vagus nerve (tan-tien) influenced by external stimuli and internal experience. Hara carries a connection to soul and life source energy. Hara is a place we access for personal well being and collective health.

-> In a western perspective I describe Hara as life energy soul force within our bodies for the purpose of cultivating the vibrations of safety, belonging and creativity. Through health practices such as rest, movement, real food processing and ritual in community we can practice healing and live in ease.

-> Creating a culture of health in modern times is one of our goals. We are here for collective initiation and building lifestyles of regeneration. I believe we are interconnected and interdependent. My personal mission is to create spaces for healing with Earth and healing with humans.

What can we practice together?

Garden of Hara is the space we cultivate for health and healing. We grow herbs, vegetables, flowers and chickens in a .5 acre urban farm in Springfield Missouri. Experiential education has been our method of learning and teaching since 2009, imagine with me the school of reciprocity- give and give again with humility. Plant ecology and herbalism has been in our practice since 2011. My personal life herstory shifted in 2014 when I met my partner and became a mama of 2 humans. Gardening and homesteading have been our lifestyle since 2017. In 2021 we experienced a devastating loss of home and community. Since then we have been working to regenerate health and well being on a personal-family level. I launched Hara Healing LLC in 2022. I identify as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Garden Ecologist and doula of change. I offer deep gratitude to my family, landcestors, and many teachers throughout my development.

Credentials and Work Experience

Staff at Sierra Nevada Field Campus 2010-2013

Student Staff at Holistic Health Learning Center San Francisco State University 2011-2012

BA in Holistic and Ecological Wellness from San Francisco State University 2013

Traveler around the Pacific and Shift into Mama Ramsey

Operations Admin for Sierra Institute 2016-2018

Garden Manager/ Teacher at Indian Valley Elementary 2017-2020

Head Cook and Family Wellness Advocate at FRC Child Development Center 2019-2021

Substance Abuse Counselor at Rethink Industries 2017-2021

Intake Coordinator/ Referral Specialist at Compass Counseling Services 2022-2023

Currently pursuing Master’s in Clinical Counseling at MSU 2023-Present

Graduate Assistant Counselor at MSU Counseling Center 2024-Present