Response Ability

There is a winter storm moving in

Trees are dancing 

in the wind

The power just went out and

it is quiet.

the kind of quiet that rings of peace

the machines have stopped

the surge of coal generated power dispersed

Orders from the station relax

we respond once we have more information

I can hear the creak of 

My stool as I try to stay 


Sleet sticking to my window

How do we


When the power is gone?

What if I told you this would last

Two nights through,

What would you do?

Now not diving in to what ifs

What is happening is this

Pause and respond

Channel all the skills and lessons

You’ve relied on

I can hear the wind chime ring again

If you really want to go quick and you really want to go far

We’re going to start right where we are

Where its quiet

Where you can feel relaxing

Be clearly


even feeling

Where you can feel the storm against your shelter

Bring gratitude to the center

This quiet reminds me

I don’t really need the electricity

I need to pause

And remember, my

Response ability

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